C++ Template classes

This is what I’ve done in class for about 30 min. It was like an exercise for what we have learned the week before. It is mainly a normal stack class in c++, but the interesting thing here is that it doesn’t have a specific type and by creating an object from that class you can tell the type you want to use in the stack. It’s nothing quite new for me, although there was something new by writing methods from that class outside it.

Here’s the code for the program: https://github.com/powerworr/OOP/blob/master/TemplateClass/stack.cc


School Project: Androiod App

Before couple of weeks we were given a task to make a project that will take us at least 2 months to make. I and one of the best programmers in the class combined and decided to make an android application. Thinking of something extremely innovative and new isn’t easy so we decided to make something that we need. So we both haven’t found a good and in the same time easy working application for notes. So we decided. He is mainly working on the main application and I on the website and widget, but we help each other so mainly it is a great teamwork.

Here’s the code only for a something like pre-widget:


Today or tomorrow I’ll make the widget more like it should look at the final of our project.

Air plane seats arrangement

This time we had to write a program that arranges the seats in a normal plane with 27 rows and 6 seats(3 on the left and 3 on the rigth) at each row. I had no choice and needed to write it using Java and Ruby. It wasn’t hard at all, despite that most of my classmates are complaining about this task.

Here’s the link to my repo with the source codes:


Readin .CSV file with Ruby

This time I won’t explain like in the previous post about how to instal ruby and stuff. I’m just going to tell you about my homerwork for school. For our class at tuesday we needed to make a program on ruby, python or perl and we were ment to fill out a form in which we needed to enter out name, class, the language we used and  a link to our repositories.

My homework for tomorrow is to read this table and print information about what language we have used and to sum the numbers of the people that used ruby and on the people that used python. It’s quite simple after the teacher told us how to use ruby. I only needed to add some extra lines in the source code, because some of my classmates haven’t written their number in the form. The reason why I haven’t made an ‘if’ for perl is because nobody has used it. However switching between ruby and python was extremely easy and it didn’t take me a lot of time to do it.

Here’s a link to my homework: https://github.com/powerworr/Ruby/blob/master/read_csv.rb