School Project: Androiod App

Before couple of weeks we were given a task to make a project that will take us at least 2 months to make. I and one of the best programmers in the class combined and decided to make an android application. Thinking of something extremely innovative and new isn’t easy so we decided to make something that we need. So we both haven’t found a good and in the same time easy working application for notes. So we decided. He is mainly working on the main application and I on the website and widget, but we help each other so mainly it is a great teamwork.

Here’s the code only for a something like pre-widget:

Today or tomorrow I’ll make the widget more like it should look at the final of our project.


Most popular person in class

This tuesday was pretty intresting, because we all went out of the building with 1 paper and pen per student and wrote our numbers on the papers of our classmates. Despite that it was quite a mess we managed to fill 29 papers with 29 numbers per page. Then we went back to the computers and made 29 csv files in which we entered the info from the papers. Afterwards we needed to spread this sheets so that everyone can work with all of them. And after all of you got all the csv files we were told to make a program which shows, which is the most common number on the papers, which is the most uncommon, who is on which paper most common… etc.


My program: