School Project: Androiod App

Before couple of weeks we were given a task to make a project that will take us at least 2 months to make. I and one of the best programmers in the class combined and decided to make an android application. Thinking of something extremely innovative and new isn’t easy so we decided to make something that we need. So we both haven’t found a good and in the same time easy working application for notes. So we decided. He is mainly working on the main application and I on the website and widget, but we help each other so mainly it is a great teamwork.

Here’s the code only for a something like pre-widget:

Today or tomorrow I’ll make the widget more like it should look at the final of our project.


Blue Belt School Exam Preparation

Next week I will have my final exam for this semester. I will have to write a simple program with few classes and test all that with JUnit tests. It shouldn’t be that hard, because I’ve already done a similar task that is in my github, which is linked below. The only problem may be the time since we have only 30 min to make minimum 3 classes and test everything in order to get 100% code coverage.

Here are the links to my Github:

If you have any questions to this specific program something else related to programing, feel free to contact me!

New Exam in school

Before few weeks we had an exam, which was incredible easy for me. We needed to make some classes in which we should have had 1 abstract, 1 main, 1 inteface and 2 normal classes which should extend the main and the only difference between them was the interface. Here’s the code for the exam. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask them. đŸ™‚

Processing websites with java

Today in less than an hour I managed to make a program that reads the user input, which should be a valid URL. Then it can give you the number of pages that the link has, the html code in the console or make a new html file and save the html code there. I should also give all the links that the site has, but I wasn’t able to do this properly in the given time and it was only returning the whole html line in the source code. However I will continue the work later and make that function work. I used eclipse IDE and a lot of internet browsing in order to make the program work.

Here’s a link to my repository and the working java program:

First exam

For our first exam we needed to make a program on any language that we want, which was ment to read a csv file and write to an other one. It sounds easy, but less than 10 students have done it. Maybe it’s because the time was very limited or maybe we were just not prepared for this. However no one from the 6 people that did it used java. This may be because java is a good OO language and for such sort task you need to write a lot lines just to make the code works properly, while the whole code on ruby is less than 10 lines.

Here’s the link to the task using ruby:

Here’s the link to the task using java: 

Most popular person in class

This tuesday was pretty intresting, because we all went out of the building with 1 paper and pen per student and wrote our numbers on the papers of our classmates. Despite that it was quite a mess we managed to fill 29 papers with 29 numbers per page. Then we went back to the computers and made 29 csv files in which we entered the info from the papers. Afterwards we needed to spread this sheets so that everyone can work with all of them. And after all of you got all the csv files we were told to make a program which shows, which is the most common number on the papers, which is the most uncommon, who is on which paper most common… etc.


My program:

Air plane seats arrangement

This time we had to write a program that arranges the seats in a normal plane with 27 rows and 6 seats(3 on the left and 3 on the rigth) at each row. I had no choice and needed to write it using Java and Ruby. It wasn’t hard at all, despite that most of my classmates are complaining about this task.

Here’s the link to my repo with the source codes: