Processing websites with java

Today in less than an hour I managed to make a program that reads the user input, which should be a valid URL. Then it can give you the number of pages that the link has, the html code in the console or make a new html file and save the html code there. I should also give all the links that the site has, but I wasn’t able to do this properly in the given time and it was only returning the whole html line in the source code. However I will continue the work later and make that function work. I used eclipse IDE and a lot of internet browsing in order to make the program work.

Here’s a link to my repository and the working java program:


Using eclipse and object oriented design

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but there wasn’t really anything intresting to post about.
So now I’ll tell you again about my homework. I was supposed to rewrite the program with the airplane in¬†object oriented way and add some additional stuff like name and gender to the people that I add to the plane.

So here’s the source code: